Expertise fields

In addition to our all-round projects, we are specialized in the following fields. Is you have questions about other projects, please contact us via our contact details or via the contact form.

Maintenance and Repair

Preventive maintenance of the machine ( crane ) including any appurtenances is our expertise. We create insight into the machine’s technical condition by checking, inspecting and recording. If resulting from this repairs are proven necessary, these can be carried out in consultations. This to provide operational reliability.

Lifting Traverse Beams

The lifting beam is always checked during maintenance. Components of this can be supplied. It is even possible to work with an exchange traverse, especially in case of overhaul or major maintenance, to guarantee minimal machine downtime. We are also specialized in any necessary inspection. This also applies to runners and discs. In case of wear or rejection, the necessary components can be replaced, to ensure safety.

Man Diesel Motor 2842 le 103


This engine is readily availeble, completely overhaild, test bed, can be shown while running, and from the base block fully adapted to the specifications of the crane or machine.

We can fully take care of old engine expansion and the installation of the new engine.

For a fee, the old engine will be taken back by us, and when purchasing a revised engine, return is a condition.

Under certain circumstances, warranty is possible.


All components of the MAN Diesel engine are in stock. When it comes to the exchange of cylinder heads, injectors, water pump, turbos, starting engine, generators, we can serve you directly. In short, everything is in stock, so that instant action is possible.

Seals and other equipment for the engine are generally in stock and can be delivered immediately.

For the crane, we have several components in stock. We work with an exchange system, to enable direct action.

Thereby, it is necessary to hand in old components in order to maintain te exchange system.


We can provide maintenance and inspection.

Our expertises
Maintenance, repairs and inspections of, among other things, harbor cranen and lifting equipment.
We also supply reconditioned MAN Diesel Engines.
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