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Jabo Services is a small, self-employed maintenance compagny, mainly focused on the inspections of mobile harbor cranen and possible maintenance and repair work.

The principle aim of taking care of a machine or crane is the guarantee of operational reliability, which requires the right maintenance. This prevents machine downtime and extends lifespan, thus saving costs in the long term.

Maintenance can be preventive, planned and / or essential. We think along in this process and can offer any appropriate solutions. Together we strive for satisfaction and the insurance that the custumer is relieved.

In the field of diesel engines we are specialized in MAN DIESEL engines, particularly in the MAN 2843 le 103. This twelve cilinder engine is often used in Liebherr an Gottwald cranes, also for aggregates and for power supply in greenhouse cultivation. We can supply the components of this engine type, where we have the most common components in stock.

Soon, a completely overhauled engine will be availeble, which is ready for use.

There is also the option of providing a short block for the MAN 2842 le 103 engine, which we can offer fairly direct.

Hoisting blocks/traverse beams can be inspected, revised and updated by us.

We can supply an lifting equipment as well.

We are there for inspection of lifting equipment and related matters using AMTEC.

Further, we execute the organization, counselling and placement of pallet racks. We also take care of the inspection of pallet racks.

Our expertises
Maintenance, repairs and inspections of, among other things, harbor cranen and lifting equipment.
We also supply reconditioned MAN Diesel Engines.
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